Explanation of Custom Christmas Sweater versus a Custom Christmas Sweatshirt

July 12, 2019

First things first! What is a custom ugly sweater?

A custom ugly sweater is an ugly sweater that is custom made. So this can mean different things for different companies. For us at Roody Originals, we believe and know that the only way a custom ugly sweater is a true custom ugly sweater is if nothing at all has been premade. If the sweater has already been made and you are asked to add a design later, then that's not actually custom. Custom should be fully custom and made based on your final design, not you being made to choose from a few options.

Why choose a custom ugly sweater over a regular ugly sweater?

Regular ugly sweaters are great but they have been designed by someone else and don't have your brand in mind. So using them for promotions or for gifting or even selling has no impact at all on your own company/brand. 

Who can buy custom ugly sweaters?

Anyone can buy custom ugly sweaters. You don't need to a company. We have a very small minimum order quantity requirement of just 100 so even if you are a blogger/writer/influencer/makeup artist etc, you can opt for a custom ugly sweater. Your fans will be delighted!! 

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