Branded Ugly Sweaters

May 10, 2019

We've been making branded ugly sweaters for years and what we have noticed over the years is that despite some novelty trends coming and going, the knitted crew neck branded ugly sweater is always in demand.

Change in Design Choices

When we started out, many years ago, there was a desire for the branded ugly sweaters to be as tacky and out there as possible-anything from large patches, flashing lights, music and even toys to be incorporated into the sweaters. 

Now these are less in demand. Why? Companies want their branded ugly sweaters to be more than a "fast fashion, "purely novelty" or "wear once" item. Aside from the damage wearing an item once does to the environment, it isn't a good investment for companies .By opting for knitted crew neck ugly sweaters, companies can really focus on a design that promotes their brand and add an element of fun into the actual knitted part of the design and by opting for knitted sweaters and great quality sweaters, the sweater can be worn time and time again. In fact, most companies have such awesome brands and as a result awesome sweaters, that the sweaters become part of a collection and every year they bring out a new limited run of their Holiday Sweaters. They are so in demand that there is never enough available!


Tips for Holiday Sweaters

The best tip for Holiday Sweaters for companies is to make sure to incorporate your brand into the design. This can be done via a logo or maybe a symbol or icon associated with the company or by using the brand pantone colors. 

Start by picking a color palette. This may be your brand colors. If you need more colors or want more colors than your brand has, take a look at pantone colors and what colors blend and work well with your brand colors. You can use a max of six colors per design.  Get some swatches made of the colors to see how the yarn looks in that particular color. 

When the colors have been chosen work on your design. Repeated patterns look awesome in the branded ugly sweaters and work well if incorporating a logo. 

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