How to Create a Custom Christmas Sweater for your Brand

September 30, 2016

Look, if you read this blog you'll know I really really believe in the importance of doing something to stand out.  At Christmas, it's the most difficult time of year to be original.  Christmas sweaters offer brands an opportunity to do something amazing.

I always encourage people to go through the design process - what would you put on a sweater that your customers and fans will love? 

So here's how you create a Christmas Sweater for your brand

1. Concept

When's the last time you designed something original?  Seriously.  Get the big white page out and start writing.  You don't need to be able to draw just jot down some ideas.  Start with the ridiculous.  The worst thing you could possibly imagine. It's important that the concept ties in with your brand but to get noticed in a crowded market place you need to create something worth talking about it.  Don't worry whether it can be done or not.  3D?  Lights?  Imagination.

2. Design

Once you've got your concept and there's a link to your brand get the design done.  We have a team of expert and original designers and would be happy to help but any good designer should be able to help.  Stick to the concept.  Don't water it down.  Get it designed exactly as crazy as you imagined it.  Stick to the original design.

3. Create

Once you've got your design locked and loaded - take a look at it again. Is your message clear?  Would you notice it?  Will it blend in or stand out?  Is it different?  When you're happy it's original and "on-brand", you've got a few options.  1. Go with a sweatshirt - get some sweatshirts made up 2. Get a knitted version - we create knitted sweaters, so feel free to contact us or find another manufacturer. Make sure to find someone reliable.

4. Share

It's so important that your sweater gets shared and loved.  If you're trying to get on TV, radio, influencers or just looking for something to go viral you need to share it.  I promise - if you've followed my advice on doing something truly original, it's very likely to create some noise.  Don't soften.  Don't make it nice.  Create something amazing!

Feel free to drop me a note if you need anything





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