3 Easy Tips when Buying Christmas Sweaters Wholesale in 2015

September 30, 2016

We've been creating Christmas Sweaters for a long time.  We've had multiple pop-up stores, sold directly through our website but also used eBay, Etsy, and lots of other channels.  We've also supplied Christmas Sweaters to customers in lots of different countries and we've learned a ton!

If you're thinking of starting to sell Christmas Sweaters or are already a seasoned expert, we've 3 tips we constantly suggest to our customers.

1. Make sure your stock is completely different

When we started making our first Christmas Sweaters, we decided to keep a couple of the most popular designs for year 2.  Little did we know some of the high street stores loved our designs from Year 1 so much, they decided to copy them.  Our premium sweaters were everywhere and it meant we had to battle really hard to get our product out there.

To avoid this, we now create a completely new range every year. If you decide to stock Christmas Sweaters, unless you've something completely unique and awesome, you're likely to face significant competition. Go with something you haven't seen anywhere else!  When you have something very different, it's much easier to compete - make sure to ask your supplier if anyone else will be selling in your area.

2. Buy the Loudest / Worst Sweaters you can find

We're constantly asked for safe / nice Christmas Sweaters.  The requests come from retail and wholesale customers.  I have to admit, I had so many requests that I made a few "nice" Christmas Sweaters in my time!  Big mistake! I still have some - they move very slowly! 

Don't do it.  Buy loud.  Buy ridiculous.  Buy memorable.  It's a busy market and, no matter what customers say, fun, unique and ridiculous is what customers want.

3. Price it High

Our best and most successful retailers price the premium product we sell at a premium price.  Our least successful retailers move the price to lower than our RRP. 

50% of the Christmas Sweaters are for a fun gift - customers want to pay more for this.  You should always buy premium original sweaters and price accordingly.  One way to differentiate from the high street is on price.  I don't wear cheap knock off sweaters on a day to day basis, I'm happy to pay a premium price for something original.

If you have any questions or would like any information about Christmas Sweaters - just pop us a note to info@roodyoriginals.com

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