Cute Custom Ugly Sweaters

Cute Custom Ugly Sweaters

September 30, 2016

There's a misconception that custom ugly sweaters have to really out there and really "vintage" looking. That's simply not true! As the market has changed, so have the sweaters. Now, absolutely everyone wears ugly sweaters so when you're designing a custom ugly christmas sweater, if you want one cute and cozy, not only is that acceptable, it will be very well received!

How to make it "cute"

The first thing is color. Choose a color or a color combination. Pink will be an obvious choice for this. A nice baby pink or cozy white will instantly make the sweater look cute and super cozy.


The style doesn't have to be oversized or super small or cropped to be cute. It can be a regular crew neck. That way you don't need to compromise on details in the design whatsoever.

The design itself

When designing your custom ugly christmas sweater, in order to make it cute, animals are a great choice. Particularly penguins. You can opt for a large penguins or a few small ones. Polar bears are also a great choice along with dogs in christmas hats.

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This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands