Custom Ugly Sweaters to Promote a Movie

Custom Ugly Sweaters to Promote a Movie

September 30, 2016

Warner Brothers always have great launches and marketing campaigns for their new movies and when The hangover launched, they were sure to promote it with a bang. They sent custom ugly christmas sweaters with DVDs and it went so well, they did it again with more. So why opt for custom ugly sweaters to promote a movie?

People Share What they are doing on Social Media

Brands send gifts to valued clients, bloggers, journalists, influencers etc, and in turn those receiving the gifts tend to tweet or share a picture on Instagram to show gratitude. The difference though when you send a custom ugly sweater is huge. Not only will people tweet their thanks, they'll actually wear the custom ugly sweater and not just once, time and time again. The reason is simple. Everyone loves to wear a sweater. So while everyone is always thankful for a gift of any sort, people particularly like  to receive something they actually want, like and will wear. They are also exclusive. They are made in limited runs.

Put the Message on the Custom Ugly Sweater

As they will be shared and will be seen online, it's important that the custom sweater will be connected to the product that you're using it to launch. Otherwise you will have missed an opportunity to promote the actual product. So either key it in to a # that people use when they tweet/share or design it in a way that there will be no mistaking what it's for. In the case of the hangover custom ugly sweater, theirs was a Holiday launch so they had a number of different custom ugly christmas sweaters and used the phrase Happy Hangover. It worked a treat.

 This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands 

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