Custom Sweaters for Halloween

Custom Sweaters for Halloween

September 30, 2016

Custom Sweaters are not just for the Holidays or for company events, they are also for Halloween! 

Why would I need Custom Sweaters for Halloween?

The Halloween custom sweaters are awesome for promoting a product during the Halloween vacation. If you're releasing a limited edition product or service, then the Halloween custom sweaters act as a great promotional tool. Not only do they create awareness but they are great for social media as pictures will be shared on Twitter and Instagram. As the minimum order is only 100, companies can also create retail lines and stock some Halloween private label custom sweaters in their stores.

What styles are available?

For the Halloween custom sweaters, you can opt for crew neck, v neck, polo, roll neck,tank and cardigan. Crew neck is our most popular custom sweater style.


You can opt for whatever color you need. Black is a great choice for Halloween-not only does it work well with the "spooky" vibe, it looks great with white which is the popular color choice for ghosts, ghouls, bones and skulls. Another popular color choice is orange.

How are the Halloween Custom Sweaters made?

We only provide 100% fully knitted sweaters here at Roody Originals. That applies to Halloween custom sweaters too. We do not print or embroider, we provide great quality and premium sweaters. The design is fully knitted in so the process starts with balls of yarn. If you've any questions, just ask us!

 This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands