Fair Isle Custom Ugly Sweaters

Fair Isle Custom Ugly Sweaters

September 30, 2016

Fair Isle Custom Ugly Sweaters are a great choice if you're looking for something traditional and something that can be worn time and time again. It's a knitting technique and the pattern itself involves the use of a number of colors. Fair Isle can involve a pattern just below the neckline but it can also be the pattern on the full sweater.

When people refer to Fair Isle, it is normally in relation to a type of stranded color knitting with horizontal bands of geometric patterns. Generally speaking , the number of colors involved would be five colors (most being from 2-5).

The best thing to do when opting for fair isle custom ugly sweaters is to start with the design pattern. When you have decided on a design pattern, it is then much easier to decide whether you'd like it as a band under the neckline and above the hem or all over the sweater. Fair Isle works well for crew necks, sleeveless (tank tops) and cardigans. T

This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands