Novelty Custom Ugly Sweaters

Novelty Custom Ugly Sweaters

September 30, 2016

Lights and 3D are great examples of novelty custom ugly sweaters. We've been making them for years and they require a bit of expertise and time but really do look awesome when made! Sometimes, due to tight timelines, it's not possible for a brand to opt for a 3D ugly sweater but that doesn't mean they can't opt for a novelty custom ugly sweater. It's all in the design detail. So it needs to be original, funny and different.

Original and Different

Never copy another design. So many companies in retain do it for their retail line and it's so frustrating. It's brilliant to create your own sweater and the design part is really fun. Copying something else is so unimaginative! This Roody Tipsy Reindeer one below began as an idea, it was turned into a sketch and then a graphic. Colors changed a number of times and tweaks were made before it made the cut. After the sample, a few colors were changed and this was the finished product. It was important not to lose sight of the details that made it original. The drunk/tipsy reindeer so things that were necessary included the tangled lights, the weary eyes and the slobber/drool. We love it! There was nothing like it on the market and the red color went down a treat!


We really wanted a Santa but how many Santas are out there? There are so many cheesy happy Santa ugly sweaters so we needed something a little different but something funny too. We started with the idea that Santa could be a little sleazy and at a roller skate park. That was drawn as a sketch and then graphic and many many changes later we had the final design. When the sample was made, we changed Santa's color as he looked extremely orange! Again though, it's really in the detail for these novelty designs and you'll see things like a cigar in Santa's mouth and his belly hanging out.


This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands