Why Red is Great for your Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Why Red is Great for your Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

September 30, 2016

Choosing colors for your custom ugly sweaters is a big part of the design process. A lot of brands and companies choose colors based on their brand colors, others use their brand colors for the actual design on the sweater and then choose a specific sweater color.

At Roody Originals, in terms of color choices, there are no limits. You can have whatever color you want! As the ugly sweaters are custom made, any choice of color for your sweater is possible. 

A popular choice for custom ugly christmas sweaters is the color red. There isn't just one color red either, there are various shades so it really depends on whether you want a bright red, a dark red, a festive red, a vibrant red etc.



Either way, red is a really great choice for the sweater color! And here's why:

The Color Pops 

The color red in custom ugly sweaters is really eye catching so if the sweaters are being used to promote a conference, launch products, competitions, gifts etc, it's a color that everyone automatically looks at as it stands out so much! If you want to put a message on a sweater, it works great with white yarn as the message will be clear and easy to see.

Red works with different Designs

Even though red will stand out, it won't consume your design. It will work with your design and highlights it so while the red is eye catching, it doesn't become the focus point and take away from the design.

Red looks great on both men and women

When it comes to custom ugly sweaters, as the best choice is unisex sizes, it's important to select colors that work for men and women and red is one of those popular colors.

Red looks great in pictures

Even if you're not using the sweaters to promote anything and instead are giving them as gifts, people love to take pictures and tweet and post on Instagram. The red color looks amazing in images and will always make sure that your custom ugly sweater is a talking point.

 This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands