Create a Custom Sweater for your Team

Create a Custom Sweater for your Team

September 30, 2016

At Roody Originals, we help you create your own personalized and custom sweaters. Creating a custom sweater for your team is a great idea. As the sweaters are great quality, they can last and be washed time and time again. Unlike printed tees and printed hoodies, the custom sweaters are knitwear and the design itself is knitted in so won't fade like print. This not only makes them great gifts for your team but they can be worn time and time again without damaging your brand as they are great quality and don't look cheap.

 With that in mind, here are things you should start thinking about when creating a custom sweater for your team:

1. What is it for?

If it's for a certain promotion, then you'll have something in particular to promote. If your company is offering a new service or has a new product or is celebrating a milestone, then you can have that on a sweater. We made sweaters for a company before who wanted the people working at their holiday party to have custom sweaters. They looked awesome in all the holiday photos! Their brand and message really popped. So the first thing to decide is what is it for and the message that you'd like to get across.

2. Colors

With that in mind, colors need to be chosen. This is another advantage that custom sweaters have. Unlike printed sweaters, there are no standard color choices to choose from. Your custom sweater can be made in whatever color you like-even different color back, sleeves etc. So if your brand has a specific shade of a specific color, that can be used for your custom sweater. 

3. Design-Graphics

Custom Sweaters are different to printed sweaters. Your design is knitted into the yarn so custom sweaters begin with a ball of yarn whereas printed sweaters begin with the sweater (ie sweater is made and design is printed on). Due to that there are no standard graphic designs and symbols that you can upload on to your sweater. They are entirely custom made and therefore most designs are possible. We accept most file types-just make sure the artwork is clear.

4. Sizes

If the custom sweaters are a surprise for your team, chances are you'll have to guess sizes. It's always better to go up a size if unsure as because they are branded , they can be worn a little loose and still look great. If your team know they are getting custom sweaters, ask what their preferred size is. Our fit is standard.

5. Make an Impact

Group photos of everyone in their custom sweaters look absolutely brilliant so make sure to take plenty. Holiday cards at christmas can be given with a photo of the whole team in their sweaters. It's also nice for the team to receive the same gifts and they'll all be eager to share images online. The best thing about custom sweaters is that they are exclusive and therefore they'll be very much in demand!

This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands


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